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Popular Instagrammer caught using photos from image libraries

According to the BBC, Sony had encouraged Yow’s job on its Singapore website as part of a marketing campaign for one of its mirrorless cameras, and explained as a #SonyCreativeAlly. After some careful research, the website realized that a number of Yow’s photographs were, in reality, from graphic libraries like Shutterstock. However, Yow had placed nothing in the photos’ captions to indicate they were not really his images. Mothership faced Yow with more than 10 cases of shots on his Instagram accounts that appeared to have been bought from picture libraries, and he admitted it was true. While a few had been slightly altered concerning colour and contrast, others were photoshopped to include Yow from the shot. Obviously, it is not the first time a photographer was subjected for using fake pictures which promise to be otherwise. Take this effort that acquired a Nikon contest before the Japanese firm had a chance to realize it was a composite. Another competition-winning picture — one of an anteater beside a termite mound — also was disqualified, though the photographer has always insisted it is genuine. See what you believe . He even appeared to indicate that a variety of friends had previously pulled him upon his activities”whenever they believed that something wasn’t right about my pictures,” but he explained that he ignored their advice to modify his behaviour. Yow’s follower count has fallen by roughly 3,000 in the last few days, and it’s not clear if he plans to begin posting pictures again. “The outrage regarding how I have conducted myself is justified and that I take complete responsibility for my actions and all consequences that arise from those activities,” Yow wrote. He said he was”wrong to have maintained that stock pictures and also other people’s work were my very own. I was also wrong to have used false captions that tricked my followers and people who watched my pictures.” Well and truly humbled, he removed all his photographs from his accounts over the weekend and substituted them with just one black picture and a lengthy apology. For all that, I apologise.”

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